Monday, November 23, 2009


I know I've been horrible about blogging regularly, but I have a good excuse. It all boils down to the chaos of being a mother to my 2 boys. :)

One of the many projects we've been working on at our house is a model of Jamestown for my 13 year old's History class. He had less than a week to complete it from start to finish. It's made mostly from popsicle sticks, cardboard, and poster board. Throw in a little paint and sand, and you've got a 3 foot model of the first permanent English settlement in the United States.

The fort was shaped like a triangle which might be great for defending itself against attacks, but not so great when trying to build it out of popsicle sticks. We finally got it to work out and Taylor was happy with the results.

Here's his Jamestown sign and the front gate.

A close up of one of the cannons with a cannon ball shooting out of it. (He loved that part the best).

We took the project to school last week for grading. It wasn't easy to maneuver because it was so big. (Taylor didn't mention it could be smaller than 3 feet. His was the biggest one there!) We had to turn it sideways just to get it through the door.

I thought for sure they would keep all the models on display for a few days at the school since all the kids worked so hard on them. But no...we got to bring it right back home the same day. Now it is sitting in the middle of my living room floor. What do you do with a giant model of Jamestown? After all the hours of labor he put into it, you can't just throw it out right away. Besides, I will most likely end up helping with another one in a few years when Cam is old enough...I wonder if we can just use the same one?!

So I promise there will be some Christmas project ideas posted tomorrow. I worked on some this weekend for Porter's and they turned out really cute. So stay tuned!

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