Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New She Art Canvas

Remember the She Art Workshop I took a few month's ago?  Well I finally got around to making a girl.  (So far I've only made one boy canvas). This one is for a friend who helped us out with our youth conference and girl's camp this summer.  It's a small canvas (6"x6") and a super fun size to work with!  

I basically copied one of Christy's girls from class.  I loved the layered skirt she taught us to make and I wanted to give it a try.  I love all the dimension you can see on the actual canvas.  It makes you want to reach out and touch it!

I started out with the sky (which is Cerulean Blue Hue Liquitex Acrylic Ink) brushed across the canvas.  Can I just say how in love I am with these inks??  A little bit goes a long way and the colors are so vivid!  They do stain your hands (and anything else they touch) very badly so you'll want to be careful with them.  I had blue fingers for a week!

The grass is made from strips of green patterned paper cut with pinking shears that are layered across the bottom.  They are highlighted with Vivid Lime Green acrylic ink.

The sun is one of the funnest parts to create!  I love all the rub-ons and stamps and colors and doodling!  

I cut the flowers from patterned paper, then highlighted them with Pitt Big Brush Pens and a little doodling.
Then the entire canvas is embellished with paint and stamps and rub-ons and more doodling.  So much fun!!!

Christy Tomlinson is offering a She Art Workshop No. 2 this fall.  She will go more into depth on how to create details on your girls as well as using different mediums on canvas as well as other materials.  Both workshops are on sale for $35 each until October 1st.  After that they will be $44.95.  I'm so excited about this new class!  I needed another reason to get artsy!

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  1. Stephanie your girl is so cute. You did an awesome job on her. Christy is the best. Just love her. She lives just down the block and I go see what she is doing off and on. So much fun!!!!