Monday, April 30, 2012

Young Women Values Girl

In my church I am over a group of girls ages 12-18.  Our Young Women's program focuses on 8 values that we encourage the girls to develop in their lives.  

For an activity one night we made She Art Value Girls.  (I borrowed the idea from a canvas Christy Tomlinson designed).  The young women had so much fun getting messy with paint and mod podge!  To make things simpler (and less expensive) we didn't use rub-ons like I usually do on my canvases, but we had plenty of texture stamps there that they used instead, along with doodling.  

Here's the one I made that they used as an example.  It was so fun to see how each girl personalized hers with the paint colors she chose, the texture she used, and how she styled the hair.

 I prepped the backgrounds ahead of time by mod podging tissue to the canvas and then painting the blue and green.  Then the girls added their own texture with stamps and paint.  (At the thrift store I found a fabulous stack of old sewing patterns that I used for tissue.  They worked great)!

I created the blouse from muslin and mod podged it onto the canvas.

To save time, I made high quality color copies of the skirt and blouse from my canvas and printed it onto cardstock.  The girls added arms, legs, and a head from book paper to their own canvases, then glued the cardstock dress over the top.  That way they didn't have to deal with cutting and decorating the patterned paper layers.  This saved us so much time!  The girls did add their own lace and buttons as accents.  When they were done stamping and doodling, you couldn't tell it was a copy at all!

Love it!

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