Friday, February 13, 2009

Scrapping Those Valentine's Cards

I'm on many lists to receive emails from scrapbooking websites and magazines. One happened to come to my inbox today that I just had to share! If you've ever ended up with a drawer full of valentines the kids brought home from school (and of course, you can't throw them away...the garbage police make sure of that), then you'll love these ideas. So check them out here.

Speaking of Valentines, I really need to get working on some today. I was looking through my idea file for "Cards" that I have saved on my computer and ran across these that I have made other years. Hope you enjoy them! (If you click on the cards, you will be able to see a larger image).

This was for my Grandma. I stamped the wings onto vellum and attached them behind the circle. I love wings! They are great for love and baby themes and also for whimsical layouts and cards.

I think I made this card for my sister. All the hearts are punched from cardstock. I stamped the word "love" with paint and a foam stamp, then threaded a charm onto sheer ribbon to complete the look.

We mass produced these cards a couple of years ago to give to grandparents and my siblings. The boys hammed it up for the camera and so did the dog!

In case you can't read the card it says:
"This Valentine is sealed with a kiss...
the dog licked it!"

Look...the dog even smiled purdy for the picture. Wasn't that sweet of her?


  1. Love your blog Stephanie!!! Sweet cards!!!!

  2. I think your blog is beautiful and love the cards you have on it. Wish my blog looked this nice.

  3. Thank you Kathy! The blog header and background was designed by Rhonna Farrer. I just loved it!