Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter is on its Way!

Last year Easter came in March, so it wasn't unusual for there to still be snow on the ground. And there was a lot (this is Idaho, remember)! After the kids colored Easter eggs, they took the remaining dye outside and drew pictures in the snow with it.

One of the problems the snow creates is where do you hide all the eggs for the egg hunt? The kids would spot them right away if they were just laying on top of the snow. So in the past, we have had the egg hunt inside the house. I've had to get creative as to where to hide the goody baskets. One year I hid them in the oven. Taylor was so confused...he couldn't get over why the Easter Bunny would hide them there. Another year they were in the dryer. The next, they were way up high on top of the bookshelf. My house isn't that big and I'm running out of good hiding spots!

So as Easter is approaching, I keep wondering whether we will have a repeat of last year. One day it is sunny and beautiful...the next we are having a blizzard and finding it difficult to get to school and work. So far this week, we can see grass again, although it's ugly and matted, and needs raking really bad. The only thing is, should we get out the rake or keep the snow shovel handy?

Anyway, in honor of Easter, I created this layout of the kids decorating eggs with their cousins last year. I used the bright and springy "Penny Lane" collection by My Mind's Eye. It was so much fun mixing and matching the fun patterns on this page. To top it off, I made a cute little bunny from felt. I made the bunny pattern by enlarging some Paper Bliss embellishments I found at the store. I stitched his little whiskers and toes with floss and made him some eyes from tiny beads.

Hopefully on Saturday, we will be able to enjoy a beautiful day so the kids can actually have an Easter Egg Hunt outside. But if not, I'll just have to find one more creative place to hide the baskets. Maybe in their room...they'd never find them in there!

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