Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tracy from Cropper's Cottage posted about this great sketch site called Sketches by Suzy. I'm not typically a sketch person, but she's got some really cute 2-page layouts posted on her blog. Is it just me, or have most people gotten away from creating 2-page layouts? Personally, I prefer making 1-pagers...sometimes it's easier to tell the story with one good photo and some journaling. But I have to make 2-pagers for the classes that I teach at the lss, so I make a lot of those too. Sometimes I really struggle to come up with creative ways to cover that much space unless I'm documenting an event like Easter or Christmas or birthdays. Then I could probably fill a whole mini album if time permitted. Soooo, it was quite refreshing to find this sketch site for 2-page layouts. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Sketch and Layout designed by Suzanne Powell


  1. What a fantastic take on the sketch!!!! I love making two page layouts because I can get more photos on the pages and I tend to take lots of photos! I've gotta check out that site! Thanks!