Monday, April 6, 2009

Great News!!!!!!!


I just received the best news today! Sarah Milne from Scenic Route Paper Co. sent an email telling me I was chosen as one of the winners for their March Product Challenge using their beautiful "Sonoma" line. I submitted this heritage layout I created a couple of months ago to document the changes that took place to my grandparents' home through the years. I was lucky enough to have all these great photos of their home at various building/remodeling stages over the years. (The smaller inset photo on the first page is my Grandma and Grandma with my dad and his sister).

(All patterned papers and the chipboard houses are by Scenic Route. Die Cut letters are by QuicKutz.)

I had the privilege of meeting Sarah Milne, owner of Scenic Route, a few years ago at a scrapbook expo in Ogden, UT. She is the sweetest, most down-to-earth person ever! I fell in love with her designs and have been a huge fan ever since. I always look forward to Scenic Route's next release.

Anyway, if you would like to check it out on the Scenic Route website, go here and then follow the instructions to link to the winners page. (It takes a little while to load and I discovered that their website runs better with Internet Explorer).

If you are interested, here is what the journaling says (I had to condense a lot of history down into just a few paragraphs):

"In 1939, my Grandpa Ward’s father helped him buy the old Clarence Beeton place in Woodruff, Idaho. They worked on the house in their spare time and around April 1942, Grandpa and Grandma moved in. The place was rundown and the roads were terrible. During the first couple of winters, they couldn’t get in or out. In the spring when it was muddy, they had to ride through the field in a wagon with a team of horses. In Grandpa’s history he said, “I guess most people wouldn’t have liked it, but we did.”

My Aunt Marjorie remembers, “The home was small and cozy. There was a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Later there were two rooms fixed into bedrooms for us kids. Many years of happiness were spent in this home. We had no close neighbors with children, so we learned to play together. We had our quarrels, but I think we were a close family.”

Grandma and Grandpa began remodeling their home in the 1950’s. They moved an old house of Bill Beeton’s and combined it with theirs to make one larger home. They did all the work themselves with what help the children could give them. There was no well on the place until after my aunt Joan was born. That same year Grandma finally got a refrigerator and a kitchen sink. They planted a lawn, flowers and trees. They worked very hard to create a nice, comfortable home.

For many years, the entire family reaped the benefits of their labors. Many family gatherings were held there. Happy, fun, and good times were shared as well as somber and sad moments. All these events helped bind the family together and created a lifetime of memories."

Thanks for letting me share my good news!

p.s. This also happens to be one of the kits for sale in my Etsy store, so if you like it, grab one before they are gone!


  1. Woo-hoo! It's a beautiful layout - you deserved to win! Congrats!

  2. Wow congrats! That is a beautiful lo! =)