Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Baaaacckkkk!!

We had a great time at the scrapbook conference this past weekend! We laughed a lot (as usual), shopped a lot (as usual), stayed up late (as usual) and some of us (not me) scrapbooked a lot. I managed to teach two classes, make a two-page layout in Wendy's class, and put together one more two-page layout from one of my old kits. Yes...that's it! Actually, I was so scrapped out by the time I got there, it was just fun to socialize and shop.

I had a few kits left over that I will be posting in my Etsy store throughout the next few days. So check in often and see what's new!

This was one of my favorite kits that I designed this time around. I think I might have one or two of them left is all.

I am often inspired by lyrics, and I love the song by 3 Doors Down, "Let me be Myself." I thought it fit perfectly as a theme for teenagers. It's often a struggle to ignore peer pressure and be true to yourself. That is what this layout is about.

Well, that's it for now. Remember to watch my Etsy store for fun things to come!

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