Saturday, May 9, 2009

Scrapbooking Conference

I have been busy, busy, busy lately getting ready for a scrapbooking conference this next weekend (May 15th and 16th). It's put on by one of my good friends, Cindy Nalder. She owns Cindy's Scrapbooking shop in Malad and has been doing this overnight conference semi-annually for many years. She goes to a ton of work to make it a success. Cindy is pretty much responsible for getting me started with this wonderful hobby, and I never miss this event!

I made this layout a few years ago about some of my scrappin' buds who attended the conference with me. As you can see, we always manage to have a good time. AND we haven't been kicked out of a restaurant yet!

Of course, I never know how to just go somewhere and enjoy myself without eventually turning it into work. It started out with me teaching a couple of classes. Then I began getting requests from people who wanted to purchase layout kits. So I agreed, and for the past 2 or 3 years that's what I have done. Every time I go, I end up selling more and more of them.

So, for this weekend, between the classes I'm teaching there and the kits I'm selling, I have prepared close to 200 kits so far...and I'm not done! (Yes, I 'm beginning to think I'm crazy!) If time permits, I plan on making about 40 more in between working at the lss, shuffling kids to and from school and baseball, helping with homework, trying to cook at least one healthy meal a day, and performing the typical duties of a wife and mother. Sometimes I overestimate myself, so we will see what actually gets done! Thankfully, my family is very understanding this time of year and tries to help out whenever they can. (Hubby is a fabulous dishwasher and cook!)

So, if you are going to be in Southeast Idaho next weekend, come scrapping with us! It's so much fun, just like a girl's weekend out should be. I never get much scrapping done, but we sure do laugh a lot! Here's some more proof:

Mom enjoying room service. I hope I'm still her favorite after posting this lovely photo of her!

Mom, me, and my sis doing a little midnight scrapping. OK, maybe more goofing off than scrapping...I can't tell!

Me and "T", the resident babysitter. The only thing I got done the whole weekend was a mini book that was already half finished! Oh well!

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