Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Porter's New Year's Day Crop

In between working, chasing kids around, Christmas shopping, baking, and a million other things, I have been helping to plan our big New Year's Day crop at Porter's.

I am so excited about the products we get to share in the paper crafting kits for that day! My Mind's Eye designed an exclusive paper pad that is not available in stores. It is one of my all time favs!! The colors are perfect and reflect something for every season. So as a design team, we decided to create some 1-page layouts AND an 8x8 calendar. It was so much fun to design!

Here's a peek at my part of the assignment:

Here's my 12x12 layout. The little quote says, "No matter the weather I'm glad we're together." I wanted to imitate all four seasons by using vertical strips of patterned papers across the top half of the layout. The swirl at the bottom is lots of fun and anchors the whole page. The little yellow heart is made from felt that is stapled into place. (Felt is my new favorite)!

Now, on to my 8x8 calendar pages. I made one set and then decided they were way too complicated for the short amount of time we had to create all of them. So I redesigned them to be more simple. The die cutting will be the most time consuming, and I will already have some of that done for our customers.

here's March...

(It really needs a title. Mine is going to say "Relax." They can add whatever they want there).


...and December. (More felt!!) :)

I'll post my "complicated" pages later.

If you are in the Idaho Falls or Rexburg area, please join us on New Year's Day. It will be so much fun and it's a great bargain too!

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  1. Beautiful layouts Stephanie. Wow that's awesome about My Mind's Eye doing a special paper pad! Love the picture of you and the boys. ~Jeanne