Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Bo Bunny Valentine's Collections

I LOVE this new paper from Bo Bunny! There are 2 collections...Persuasion and Love Bandit. You can see them in Bo Bunny's catalog here.

"Persuasion" is my favorite. I really like the fact that this paper doesn't scream lovey dovey. In fact, I made a layout about the latest shopping excursion with my mom, sister, and sis-in-law. The photos were taken in the dressing room at one of the bazillion stores we visited while we waited for Jaci to try on some clothes. This is my mom and my sister...

I even made a tiny shopping bag with an even tinier JC Penney receipt. (I just photocopied an actual receipt and shrunk it down A LOT).

Here's the journaling that pulls out from each of the little paper bags along the side:

"Mom is the energizer bunny...we have to make sure we have explored every inch of the store before we can leave (you can't miss any good deals, you know). And if you don't believe you can spend 8 hours in one store, just shop with her once...you will be convinced!

Heather takes pictures of all the cute shoes she likes but doesn't buy, just because there's not room for 20 new pairs in the car and she wants to remember them all.

Jaci gets her fix by loading lots of things in her shopping cart then putting them all back, leaving the store with nothing. (Although one day we did convince her to buy two shirts for herself AND open a charge account so she could save 30%. She paid it off 60 seconds later).

I live vicariously through Mom and Heather by showing them all the cool things they should buy...and of course they do. That way I get my retail therapy without having to spend any money."

I know...we are silly. But we had lots of fun!

Now, onto another layout. This is my niece and her husband. I took the photo from their blog because I thought it was so cute. Don't ask me what Curtis is doing. :)

Some people wonder what to do with such a busy background paper. I think you should just let the paper do all the work and fill in with minimal embellishments. This is one of the fastest layouts I think I've ever made:

I have another one started, but haven't finished it yet. Hopefully it will be done by this weekend.

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