Monday, January 11, 2010

White Space

My goal for my scrapbook classes this year is to challenge myself (and hopefully my students) to try some styles and techniques that they don't normally try. One of the things I personally struggle with the most is leaving a lot of "white space." I like the look of it when I see it done, but I seem to think I need to fill up the entire page with something. So here is my attempt at leaving some wide open spaces...

My biggest problems with this page were:

a.) it has to be a 2-page layout for class and
b.) I had lots of journaling but only one photo.

I solved the journaling problem by printing snippets of my story onto tags and slipping them inside pockets created from swatches of patterned paper. Then I mounted the photo onto a large matte and placed it on pop dots so it would receive the attention it deserves.

I still had to add some little elements here and there...I mean HAD to! (I really don't know how to leave a layout alone.) I'm not sure I'm 100% in love with this page, but it's done and I'm moving onto the next.

"Life Stories" by My Mind's Eye is coming up...I can't wait!

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