Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 More Fabric Flower Tutorials

It's funny how these fabric flowers keep popping up in my life. :) These are too cute not to share! So as promised, here is another tutorial.

Start with a 3 1/2" fabric circle and a tiny rubberband (made for little girls' ponytails):

Find the center of the circle and gather it up. Then place the rubberband about half way up:

Snip the end off:

Lay the flower out flat, creating a double layer:

Attach a medium sized brad through the hole in the center. Rough up the edges of the fabric with your fingers. I ironed my flower so it would lay flat. Super cute!

Here's an easy variation...Cut a 2 1/2" fabric circle. You will also need a brad (I used a larger one) and a tiny rubberband:

Place the brad in the center of the fabric circle:

Fold the fabric around the brad and wind the rubberband around it from the outside:

Flatten out the circle, rough up the edges, and iron . These are fun to leave as is or to add some color with Glimmer Mist:


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