Monday, March 30, 2009

Altered Clipboard

I was visiting with a friend the other day about gift ideas for Mother's Day. I mentioned making an altered clipboard and she wanted to see an example.

This was one that I made a couple of years ago with the lovely Making Memories Vintage Hip collection. I absolutely loved how it turned out! In fact, it is still displayed in my little scrapbook corner so I can see it everyday. (It was also published in Scrapbook Trends, which turned out to be a total surprise! My friend, Ammie, submitted it and I didn't even know it until she showed me the magazine! Talk about an awesome surprise!)

Anyway, the first step is to paint the clipboard the color of your choosing. On the top of the clipboard, it isn't necessary to paint the entire thing. Just paint about 1" in from the edges...the paper covers up the rest. I always paint the back, because I think it looks unfinished without it.

The trickiest part to embellishing a clipboard is to get the paper to fit around the metal clip at the top. I created a template from plain paper first by laying it over the clipboard and tracing around the metal as best as I could. Then I "cleaned up" the lines by hand and cut around my pattern to make sure it would fit. (Someone out there might have an easier way. If so, please share!) After I was happy with the pattern, I cut it from the patterned paper and attached it to the clipboard with either Mod Podge or ATG.

Next, embellish the clipboard like you would a scrapbook page. I added strips of torn and inked patterned paper, ribbon, a stamped title, and flowers. The funnest part is tying all the little ribbons around the metal clip at the top. I think that just finishes it off nicely!

You can create your clipboard so that a photo is permanently attached like mine is here. Or you can switch your photo out as often as you would like. If you don't want it to be permanent, you might want to choose neutral papers and embellishments so it could fit any number of photo themes.

Enjoy the process of creating! I'm sure any mother, grandma, sister, aunt, or daughter would love to receive a beautiful altered gift!

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