Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Inspiration

I have always been drawn to the beach. Since I live in the desert, I have to get my fix from beautiful mountain lakes rather than the ocean. It doesn't stop me from dreaming about a cottage on the shores of a quiet, peaceful body of water somewhere.

This perfect image I've created in my mind might be why I'm also drawn to soft blues and shades of white, glass bottles, sand and textures, and shabby, rustic items. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across "The Old Painted Cottage" blog last night! If this interests you, scroll down through her posts over the last few weeks and you will be amazed at the transformation this cottage took! I'm not normally the kind of person that can walk into a house that started out the way hers did and envision the end result. But she has pulled it off beautifully! She has such a talent for displaying beautiful vintage pieces in her home and making them look as if they were made for that exact space. I'd love to curl up in the corner of her couch for a day with a good book.

Be sure and check out her cottage store here. Also, here's another site called Blue Ocean Traders and another called Mothology. I hope this inspires you too!

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