Thursday, June 4, 2009


When we were growing up, our family vacations always consisted of a camping trip. Most of the time it was to locations right in Idaho and once in awhile, it was a little further away. As a kid, I loved to camp! (But then of course, it wasn't so much work if you weren't the parent). My dad, mom, sister, 2 brothers, and I would all pile in this white Ford pickup and head off to adventures unknown.

All products are from Cosmo Cricket's Mr. Campy collection.

(If you want to read the journaling for The Great Outdoors layout, click here. We had some great times!)

I think I must have turned into a girly girl somewhere along the line. Now that I'm the grown up, I have different ideas of camping...

Patterned papers, stickers and blackboard from Cosmo Cricket's Mr. Campy collection. Font is BD Northern.

My hubby came from a family of expert campers and backpackers. He was definitely born into the wrong family! I don't think he ever enjoyed it much. Here's proof:

I don't know how long this camping trip had been, but it looks to me like he was ready to be home. I think he's going to be sick...

Of course, he must have enjoyed it at some point, cuz look at this little cutie! There's nothing like campfire cooking...I will admit that! This picture was taken when he was six:

All papers and blackboard are from Cosmo Cricket's Mr. Campy collection. Based on a sketch in the Autumn Leaves Designing With 2008 Calendar.

What prompted this camping post, was a message I received from a fellow pea at Two Peas in a Bucket. Jean has a great blog where she lists all kinds of tips and information about camping. She asked if she could feature my "Happy Camper" layout on her blog. I was very honored! You can see it here. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog. It's a gold mine of information! Thanks Jean!

In closing, I have to share one of my favorite camping photos of all time! My husband's grandmother loved to hike. She would gather as many people as she could and head off to a trail...any didn't matter which. She knew them all like the back of her hand. When she got tired, she would lie down while they had a lunch break and take a little nap. Talk about playing hard! If you can sleep on rocks, you must be tuckered out!

Patterned Papers by Chatterbox and Karen Foster. Metal embellishments from K&Co. Flowers from craft supply. I printed the quote onto twill.

Happy trails!


  1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog. BTW, I love both the story and the layout about your gradnmother-- can I run it? You're a goldmine of camping goodness!

    Jean B. in SC

  2. That would be great, Jean! Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks!