Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Glue Glider Pro

I just discovered a new adhesive that I really like!

I have never been a lover of dispensers...I can't ever seem to get the adhesive to go where I want it to. So I have always used the little squares with the blue tabs that you have to pull off. The blue tabs don't usually bother me unless I'm working on a mini album where it requires lots of adhesive...then they get annoying.

Enter the Glue Glider Pro with Perma Tac. We just received a shipment of these in at Porter's and I tried one out for the first time on Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised! It's way smaller than an ATG gun, therefore more likely to get packed into my bag for a crop. Plus it's not heavy or awkward to hold. The adhesive glides on smoothly and holds really well, even on chipboard. The thing I really like about the adhesive is that it is cut into small segments (1/16") so you can apply a little or a lot. It also rolls around curves easily. When you want to stop rolling, just lift up and it's icky, stringy messes.

Another part I love is how easy it is to refill. There's no need to have an engineering degree to figure out which wheel to thread it onto next. Just slide the entire refill cartridge in and you're ready to go! With 40' of adhesive, you can do lots of scrapping before having to refill again.

The adhesive strip is 1/4" wide which works great for most projects. The one thing that bugs me a little is that the adhesive is closer towards the right side of the roller instead of the left. Since I'm right handed, I have to look from the top of the dispenser to see where I'm rolling instead of just easily seeing from the side. I'm sure with time I'll get used to this and it won't be an issue anymore.

Last, but not least, is the price. At $14.99 for the initial investment of the dispenser + adhesive, the Glue Glider Pro is lots less expensive than the ATG.

So how about it? Has anyone else tried it and if so, what do you think? Would you replace your ATG with the Glue Glider Pro? Let me know what you think!

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  1. I have indeed used it. I like the semi-perm better, than the ultra tack (or whatever). But it does seem to work pretty good! I had one major problem once. There was something wrong with the refill cartridge and it kept pulling like 3 strips at a time, it got all tangled and was a mess. But I've had that happen with my xyron adhesive too (which is my fave). But the xyron refill is like a buck fifty, so throwing that one out isnt as big of a deal as throwing out one of these.

    haha suuuuper long post. :)