Monday, June 22, 2009

Harry Potter and Heidi Swapp

Once again, Cam is missing his big brother and best playmate. Since Taylor's at scout camp for six days, this could possibly be the longest week of his little life.

When Cameron is bored, he likes to make things. Often those things revolve around characters in his favorite computer games. Harry Potter, Wizard 101, Club Penquin, and Toontown characters are all over the house. He's pretty creative.

So today he decides he's going to make another Golden Snitch (think Harry Potter). He knows right where the Heidi Swapp wing stamps are because he uses them all the can never have too many snitches after all. He wadded up a paper towel to make a ball and covered it with yellow construction paper. He stamped the wings and taped them on. Then he drew something (electricity???) all over the ball and declared it was the best snitch ever. Then he wanted to hang it from a doorway so he could fly through the air and catch it. Hmmm...we spent at least 30 minutes trying various ways to make this work without it ripping from the door jamb, but he finally gave up. I'm not sure how many violent leaps and snatches this snitch could take, but it still seems to be in one piece.

Stay tuned...I'm sure we will have an overabundance of Puffles, Fire Cats, and Doodles before the week is over!

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  1. Hey there.
    Saw you on SIS..thought I'd drop by and say Hello. I love that your son can get into Heidi Swapp too..who doesn't love that stuff? I know I do for sure and those wings happen to be one of my favorites!!
    Thanks for sharing..have a great week.